The Unjust Justice System


The above video is the introduction video to this site. It’s raw and out dated but still a good video to watch if you want to see where i started from. It’s Part 1 of 2, Part 2 is here. New video coming soon.

Special note: i, like the growing number of freedom loving people on this land mass commonly known as “Canada,” (BUT actually became de facto in December of 1931, meaning, the people of the Canadian provinces have been living a lie ever since) have taken a stand against the tyranny and oppression that is denying us our God-given unalienable rights – those rights that, by definition: can not be sold or transferred. i am now working with Christopher James at to fight the evil in our world – check it out!

URGENT MESSAGE!!: Evidence that CoVID-19 has not been isolated has been clearly presented to our so-called leaders. This means there can be no vaccine for it (so what is it they are jabbing the people with?) One particular police officer presented this information to numerous top cops – his superiors – after he himself was investigated for non-compliance of lockdown orders. This brave officer and hero stood up for the truth and what is right and just. He has now been relieved of his duties because of his honorable actions. Get the details of OPP constable Gabriel Proulx’s journey against the dark forces at work at


CoVID 19 and the Vaccine – The Truth is out there, look for it!!
Video link if it doesn’t play:


CoVID 19 and the Vaccine – Again, if you aren’t getting the “BIG picture”, you need to wake the fuck up!! and listen to this…