The Unjust Justice System

About Me

Shawn Cassista

I was born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. I also lived in British Columbia Canada for 7 years.

I consider myself an average Canadian who likes to get out and socialize with friends from time to time. I have worked a few different labour jobs since graduating in the mid 80s and moved towards self-employment in the early 90s from there on to the present. 

Some time after 9/11 though I developed great concerns with the aftermath of that tragic day and started doing some research after coming across some information regarding that event. I began purchasing numerous documentary DVDs (on various topics) on line and for the first time in my life, this confusing world that we live in became much clearer. These documentaries made sense of a lot of things our mainstream media has failed to do — essentially, they (the mainstream media) are a BIG part of the problem. (Here is a list of Documentaries from my old website.)

And so early in 2005 I decided to build a website ( and fill it with a lot of the information that I had researched. It was a compilation of information that I put together for myself in a way as it represented a focal point moving forward. I then started getting out on the streets and connecting with other like minded individuals as well as getting active in protests and spreading around some very important information about the truth of what is going on in our crazy world.

After about 5 years of doing that, I came to the conclusion (with all the information and experiences that I had gathered) that the one true path for moving us in a much more positive direction was to ensure that we have a competent and just justice system that adheres to the foundation of our supreme law. This law is, ultimately, the only path to a prosperous future for all as the great minds of the past have made that clear to us. Unfortunately, the thought process of those great minds have been drowned out by the powers that be — intentionally!

I then put the court system (here, locally) to the test and the end result was a travesty… which then led to even more disturbing facts about the local police force.

After a 5 year venture into our court system, I’m bringing the Truth to everyone about the system of justice that is seriously flawed and I am willing to bet that it isn’t much different outside of Canada. I now bringing information to everyone (a Basic Law Course) to help protect themselves from the tyranny of the de facto governing bodies that seek to enslave us all.

So with all this, I have become an Advocate — for Truth, Freedom and Justice.