The Unjust Justice System

Case 6

Case 6 Charge – No Valid Permit:

Surprisingly, this case was largely dealt with at the lower level only. I lost and didn’t bother appealing it based on the fact that there are only 3 appeal judges at the Superior Court level and by this time I had already faced 2 who were quite familiar with me. It would have been a total waste of my time and money with little more to report on. However, there is a lot to talk about in regards to how this matter was handle by the JP in the lower court and I would have liked to have shared that with everyone. But, again, adequate funding was needed because there was a lot of work involved and transcripts still need to be obtained.

And now as I update this site (May 2022) the transcripts are probably no longer available. It’s too bad that I didn’t have the funds to at least acquire the transcripts as this was an eventful battle over such a small matter. I could have shown everyone, again, how much of a farce the system is. The JP was a total POS. I even distinctly remember stating (on the record) how he (the JP) was giving me a lot to write about.