The Unjust Justice System

Case 8

Case 8 Charges – Refuse to Comply to an Order (a criminal charge) (there were also 6 fines (contracts) forced upon me – 3 by the MNR and 3 by OPP):

The following has and is occurring since March 20th, 2023 to present: Two weeks prior to this event i had just put together a Law Basics Course to show people a clear and simple path (one way) to standing up for their liberties and exposing the incompetence and/or criminal behavior of the people working within government who are in their positions to serve and protect the best interests of We The People. To be blunt, they do not “serve” the best interests of the people; they work under corporations enforcing corporate policies (policing).

After putting the short course on my website and the videos on Rumble, myself and a friend were arrested for refusal to comply to an order (alcohol breath test) after traveling with my property (snowmobiles) after consuming a couple of beers.


Update: On attending court for the 6th time i was confronted by 3 OPP officers and threatened of arrest if i recorder the hearing on that day. i am looking for support on April 23rd 2024 at the Bancroft court house beside the Petro Canada gas station. Stand with me in support of freedom and put some pressure on the so called servants.


Intro video for this case.


Key things to learn: the massive deception portrayed upon the world with the ALL CAPITALS name – an artificial person made to believe that you are it. Further evidence is provided in The Canadian Style: A Guide to Writing and Editing, a 2006 article from the Toronto Star, and a 2008 response letter from the Office of The Registrar General. Even Bibles have warned us about this deception with JOB 32:21: From the King James Bible, “Let me not, I pray you, accept any man’s person, neither let me give flattering titles unto man.”; American Standard Version, “Let me not, I pray you, respect any man’s person; Neither will I give flattering titles unto any man.”; World English Bible, “Please don’t let me respect any man’s person, neither will I give flattering titles to any man.” Here is a 5 minute cartoon that will introduce you to your Strawman.


Key docs mentioned:

  • R. v. Stinchcombe – you just need to read the highlighted key portions.
  • My Constructive Notice and Declaration (this is a template) for travel on the public roads which states “clearly and unequivocally” who i am and who i am NOT – they are breaking their own laws by not providing this document (that was handed to them) in the Disclosure package.
  • Recording your own hearing – and any other (freedom of the press).


A slanderous article in Muskoka411 about us – misinformation as well as we were not charged with impaired driving and we never were impaired.


Audio recording of Ministry of Natural Resources officers (first contact – invasion of my domain).

Some Key Points:

  • I was very assertive in defending my rights at first before settling down – who likes conflict?
  • MNR officer was stand off-ish with me when trying to explain supreme law.
  • He was handed my Constructive Notice and Declaration and was told to provide it to the Crown attorney.
  • At one point when he asked for my friend Fred’s name, i asked, “What are you going to do if he doesn’t give it?” The response was ridiculous. And this very same thing happened at the OPP detachment where we were jailed for 3-4 hours… right before i was photographed and finger printed.
  • He read me the definition of “angling” from whatever act he was “charging the strawman name with”, but ignored me when i asked what the definition of the word “person” is in that act or whatever contract he was trying to force on me. He felt it necessary to define words in the documents he was attempting to impose upon i, yet when i asked for a “key word” to be fined, he ignored me. That tells me that he is cherry picking or he incompetent to his own understanding of the nonsense he is trying to force on me.


Audio recording of OPP and my arrested (OPP were called in by MNR).

Key Point:

  • This was a charge related to DUI – refuse to comply to a demand.
  • i asked the officer, “Do i look incompetent to you?” and he said, “No.” The definition of “impaired” is, “incompetent”.


Call 1 to OPP Bancroft Detachment – Staff Sargent Jeffrey Mackinnon.

Key Points:

  • He stated, after asking for all the video and audio, that it would all be provided to me – that’s the law (he said nothing about going into the station and viewing it with an officer hanging around watching me).
  • I wanted the audio / video recordings even if the charges were dropped. He said it would not be an issue.


Call 2 to OPP Bancroft Detachment – Staff Sargent Jeffrey Mackinnon.

Key Points:

  • If charges are dropped i would still need Disclosure to seek remedy, he said they would have to provide them to me and he actually brought up R v. Stinchombe before i ever did.
  • He agreed with me that the Crown’s duty is to see that justice is done.
  • He said clearly here that i should have copies of these videos/audios.


1st Court appearance April 19th 2023  – video

Key Points:

  • First appearance i made it clear who i was and tried to submit my Constructive Notice and Declaration which states “clearly and unequivocally” who i am and who i am NOT. The man acting as the judge refused to take the document and enter it into the record.
  • This judge – Stephen Hunter – forced me into an “inferior” jurisdiction (legal world of fictions) then the one i have Declared myself in via the above mentioned declaration – he threatened to throw me in jail if i didn’t understand the charges.
  • What this man should have asked me when I said I don’t understand, was something along the lines of, “What is it exactly that you don’t understand?” My answer would be along the lines of, “How is it that the name on the Docket does not reflect the ‘name of a man’?” And the next question that should demand an answer is, “Who or ‘what’ exactly is being charged?” Simple questions that should be responded to with simple answers (in my opinion).
  • He stated on more than one occasion that there is a “process” to be followed. By the time you hear all the recordings, you will see that the process he is talking about can not be “due process”. It is more along the lines of a process to “control slaves”.


2nd Court appearance May 2023 – audio

Key Points:

  • First off, the name game played out on this day.
  • And on this appearance in the Bancroft court i brought up R v. Stinchombe on more than one occasion – it regards Disclosure and how everything in the Crown’s possession must be provided to the defense to make a full answer for defense – “to get to the truth”. Both the judge and the Crown appear to be ignorant of the wording from this Land Mark decision by “unanimous” supreme court judges”. Stephen Hunter had this to say about R v. Stinchombe… “Stinchombe has nothing to do with it.” I find it hard to believe that there is a high level of incompetence here when it comes to the very first stage of due process.
  • Stephen Hunter also said in regards to audio/video footage that, “If there is disclosure of that nature i would recieve it.”

    Call to Ministry of Natural Resources – an attempt to get “my property” back.


    3rd Court appearance – June 20th 2023 – audio

    Key Points:

  • Disclosure was provided on this day. Here it is. See how many times the ALL CAPITALS NAME appears – even the MNR officer spelt it out that way “in his notes” (they are well trained/brainwashed).
  • I was being rushed out of the courtroom but made it a point to ask if the Contructive Notice and Declaration i provided to MNR officer was within it. The Crown prosecutor said she didn’t know. It was NOT.

    4th Court appearance July 18th 2023 – audio

    Key Points:

    • Still missing key stuff for (my???… or) that fictional entity’s defence.
    • The Crown stated there were witness statements taken that were redacted in the Disclosure. This also violates the law as per R v. Stinchcombe. Yes, some personal data should be redacted but not witness statements themselves – that was actually the whole basis of R v. Stinchcombe.


    5th Court appearance September 19th 2023 – audio Part 1

    Key Points:

    • This turned into a shit show. The Crown is satisfied that Disclosure is complete. The Constructive Notice and Declaration i gave to MNR officer Yantha is not being included and this means intentional negligence is occurring. The body cam and station footage is also not in the Disclosure package… It is now only viewable for me in their territory with the opposition present. Ask yourself if my “answer and defence” is not impaired by myself and my law team going into the opposing party’s building and having the opposing party looking over our shoulders while we research the evidence?
    • They filmed me and are conducting a now malicious prosecution – the video/audio is my property and i will be making it available for anyone to view – when/if i get it. After reading R. v Stinchcombe, ask yourself, should it not be in my possession???
    • A trial date was set – again in total violation of R v. Stinchcombe. A plea was not entered AND i still do not have FULL Disclosure.
    • I addressed the Constructive Notice and Declaration not being within Disclosure and pointed out it’s importance. I was expecting this and presented a commercial instrument known as the BIRTH CERTIFICATE and attempted to clarify that the name on the docket reflects that of a commercial instrument/corporation and not meI was shut down before i finished and again was threatened to be tossed in a cooler for awhile. His response to the facts i was presenting – “That’s nonsense!”


    5th Court appearance September 19th 2023 – audio Part 2

    Key Points:

    • This was Fred’s appearance and i was called up again. They discussed whether we should be tried together – we had no say in that matter.


    Call 3 to OPP Bancroft Detachment – Staff Sargent Jeffrey Mackinnon – video.
    It’s best to just listen to this…


    Finally, i felt it necessary to have this short video here that explains what the purpose of censorship is all about… check it out!…


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