The Unjust Justice System

Tyranny In Disguise

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Freedom is the best hope for mankind.” There is a reason why Bill of Rights in numerous countries pinpoint certain unalienable rights such as freedom of assembly, freedom of speech and freedom of the press – they are there to ensure that corrupt governing bodies are kept in check.

Fast forward to the world we live in today and the progress made by the tyrannical global governing elite since the plandemic flipped the entire world upside down.

There was (and still is) some hope materializing from the Canada Freedom Convoy that inspired people all over the world to rise up in global unison to stand up against these global governing terrorists. But let’s do a little reading between the lines with the latest Canadian (and hopefully global) movement for Freedom under the guise of #SaveTheChildren Convoy that is now developing.

Here is a post (mind trick) from the Ottawa Police Twitter (X) account:

Late this afternoon, @ottawapolice were on scene in the area of Parliament Hill to ensure public safety was maintained during a demonstration.

Some protestors were using large speakers and loud hailers in contravention of By-laws.

After various interactions with police, three people were arrested for obstruction and later released on conditions.

While it is the duty of police to support legal demonstrations, we will not tolerate behaviours that endanger public safety or violations of the Criminal Code, By-laws or Liquor Licence and Control Act.

Can you see the criminal behavior here in their own post? You either are free or your a slave – and when your so called servants are there to serve and protect your best interest – your God-given unalienable rights long established under common law – and they don’t, that means they are treating us like slaves. Meaning, they are breaking the law themselves. When this appears to be the case, these are not only crimes, they are HIGH CRIMES (treason) because they are breaking an oath that should be to protect the best interests of We The People.

Look at that post again and see for yourself the psychological warfare being conducted here – the masses, who are already heavily propagandized by the mainstream media (who would never write anything along the lines of this article), are being told by their alleged trusted servants that, in more or less words, bad people have been arrested and warned to not misbehave (exercise their unalienable rights to ensure liberty prevails (for the children)).

Again, in the eyes of the masses, this is a good thing, the police (policy enforcement officers – by-laws against corporations/birth certificates) are doing good. And because the people are so brainwashed, very few will ever wake up to the conclusion that the trampling of these very basic rights to assemble and speak freely and peacefully (they were guilty of talking loudly/peacefully expressing what is really going on) are not just a trampling of the rights of these protestors…

But a trampling of their own unalienable rights as well… which I’m guessing, they have no clue that they even have in the first place.

Wake Up People and RISE UP – freedom is the best hope for mankind.

Until next time, this is the commoner known as Shawn, with the family name Cassista, educating everyone about their natural rights — long established in the fight for “Truth, Freedom and Justice” — with which Liberty will reign!

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