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Why I “Hate” Trudeau – The Case For Great Hate Speech

Why I hate Justine Trudeau and his liberals… the case for a great hate speech. That reasoning is his track record which is completely destroying this country and the lives of many within it.

Hate is a strong word and I personally try not to express this emotion, but we are living in some really dark times right now. A great awakening is in the works and it couldn’t come any sooner. Maybe a little bit of truth rolled into one page may help that along…

Lets have a look see as I make a list of the things he is guilty of :

  • The SNC Lavalin scandal.
  • The We Charity scandal.
  • The Arrivecan scandal.
  • The upcoming 23% increase on the unlawful carbon tax forced upon us based on “lies”.
  • The unconstitutional invoking of the Emergencies Act against peaceful freedom loving protesters. Nothing like this occurred when immigrant protesters blocked infrastructures and dished out threats to police – he just allows this chaos to continue unimpeded.
  • The freezing of bank accounts of lawful protesters as well as locking them up without a trial and/or forcing them to plead guilty to get out of jail. A true government “for The People” would never let this happen.
  • Lying about covid and the unvaccinated spreading the virus creating a massive division of the people.
  • Fear mongering to get people to take the jab with no “informed consent” (when the vaccine came out in miracle timing, the people were told that was experimental and no one would be forced to take it. After the first batch of “willing” souls took it, free ice cream and then money was the next step. And for those who still didn’t take the jab, well, those unvaccinated are now becoming a threat to the vaccinated and will be punished for their choice… and so on and so…).
  • Forcing the jab on military, police and people in the medical establishment which forced many of these people to quit.
  • Inviting a Nazi into the house of commons.
  • Pushing puberty blockers on children after the Woke ideology became a mainstream push (not just in Canada, but all over the world, what does that tell you??).
  • Claiming that parents do not have parental rights and twisting it saying they have parental responsibilities.
  • Allowing biological men into women’s bathrooms and change rooms.
  • Allowing biological men to compete in women’s sports.
  • Did the black and/or brown face at least three times.
  • Working to pass censorship acts/statutes to limit the importance of free information for a knowledgeable public.
  • Working to pass dystopian 1984 style thought crime laws that will present huge fines. This will be without a court trial, it will be a tribunal (probably with people of his choosing). And the victims will be awarded $20k (look for a massive influx of hate crimes to come) and another $50k to the government (yea, this crap is happening).
  • Direct influences within the justice system.
  • Flooding the country with immigrants that buy up Canada’s real estate; gives them free medical care that over flows hospitals; causes huge traffic in large cities; and gives them free unearned taxpayer monies. And many of these immigrants do not share the values and cultures of Canadians.
  • Canceled the Northern Gateway and Keystone Excel pipeline and then buys the TML pipeline that is billions over budget and will never make a profit.
  • Paying an enemy soldier who killed an American soldier $10 million after his Charter rights were infringed upon while Canadians constantly have their rights trampled with no remedy in sight.
  • His plane was grounded in India when the authorities there found cocaine on it.
  • He is estimated to have the wealth of a hundred million dollars, has a base salary of almost $400k and spends tax dollars like it grows on trees. This includes luxury vacations/accommodations.
  • He sends billions of taxpayer dollars to Ukraine while cutting spending on the military as well as programs that would support the needs of Canadians that have been here for decades and payed their dues in building Canada’s infrastructure.
  • He vetoed an investigation into the Winnipeg bio-labs incident that saw the dismissal of two Chinese scientists who were directly connected to the People’s Republic of China as well as doing all he could to prevent a public inquiry that saw China interfere in the last two federal elections. These represented serious safety and security risks for Canadians.
  • And of course you won’t here much about this from our mainstream media as the Trudeau government has paid them well to keep their mouths shut – don’t bite the hand that feeds you!!
  • There’s more if you care to go digging (add in the comments section), but isn’t this enough to warrant a trial for treason soon to be followed by a public hanging??

Yea, I hate this piece of shit and yea I want to see him strung up from his neck. Am I being harsh? Let’s have the mainstream media [yea, right] interview all the people that have been effected by this parasites actions – many will probably feel that hanging him would be too good for him.

Will I be arrested some day now that I  have blatantly express hate for Justine Trudeau and his liberal criminal side kicks? Yea, I hate that parasite Trudeau, Freeland and the rest of them as they are treasonous pieces of shit. They “have” destroyed people’s lives and they “have” destroyed Canada and yea, they need to be hung for their actions.

An example needs to be set so this kinda fascist shit never happens again. But I hate to say it… the problem is more the people as they just don’t have the guts to stand up in mass and do what needs to be done. They are either cowards or simply have no clue of what’s going on as the old saying goes, “Those who don’t learn from history are destined [doomed] to repeat it.”

Stay tuned and see what scumbags in uniforms come knocking on my door in support of these fascists parasites.

By the commoner known as Shawn
Advocate for Truth, Freedom and Justice

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