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Why Are Canadians So Gullible?

Why are Canadians so gullible? Here is a great read I came across from a facebook post that everyone should open their mind to (if they are capable of doing so). It’s about people dealing with the reality of what is truth, half truth and out right lies.

Gullible Canadians… are my friends and the people around me going to take that personally? The read below should be looked at as constructive thinking, after all isn’t this a time to be constructive with the China Virus turning the world upside down?


Why are Canadians So Gullible?
March 23, 2020
By Mike Stone

I have some family members who are literally shaking in their boots, absolutely terrified of getting this “virus”. When I told them the whole thing is a hoax it was like stepping into a pool of piranha fish. Now they’re bombarding me with hourly emails detailing how many new people have been diagnosed. They seem to be reveling in every new case and death, because it reinforces their opinion and “proves” that I am wrong.

While standing in line for an hour waiting to buy a roll of toilet paper, I asked myself why so many Canadians allow themselves to be duped. Have you ever wondered about that? It’s really quite amazing.

We have an entire media comprised of television, radio, newspapers, magazines and the internet that has been outright lying to us about every single news story for the past 80 or more years, yet suddenly here they are, finally telling us the truth. And we’re supposed to believe them. Of course, most people don’t realize they’ve been lied to for 80 or more years. They swallow whatever the media tells them, no matter how ridiculous.

So what is it about humans that makes them so gullible?

I think one of the reasons is an absolute faith in authority. Or so-called authority. I had a friend who was the poster boy for this type of person. If I told him something, well, it was only my opinion and probably an erroneous one at that. But if someone in a white coat or someone appearing on television dressed in a suit and tie told him the exact same thing, then it was gospel, and couldn’t I see it? I suspect tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions, of people are this exact same way.

Closely coupled with a belief in authority is a need to be accepted by others; a deep psychological need not to be criticized or ostracized from the pack. It’s been said that public speaking is a person’s greatest fear, but I think people fear social ostracism more than anything. Even more than death.

I’ve had close to a dozen conversations with people who told me their doctor had given them a terminal sentence, usually between three and six months to live. In every case the conversation has gone like this:

Me: “You know, you don’t have to die. All you have to do is make a few simple lifestyle changes. The first thing to do is to get off all your drugs and medications. The second thing to do is to get rid of all your junk food and go on a 100% organic diet. There are other things, as well, but start with those two.”

Them: “Oh, I couldn’t do that. My doctor would have a fit.”

Me: “You just told me your doctor says you’re going to die.”

Them: “Yes, well, I still can’t do anything so rash as you’re suggesting.”

Me: “Do you want to live, or do you want to be a good patient and die?”

Them: “I’m sorry, I’m going to hang up now. This conversation is making me uncomfortable.”

In every case they were good patients, doing everything exactly as they were told.

In every case they died.

Fear is the driving force behind blind faith in authority. It’s what cripples people and prevents them from thinking or behaving in any way that’s different from the crowd.

Does intelligence or a lack thereof also play a part?

I believe it does, although I do know a lot of otherwise intelligent people who swallow whatever lie the media tells them. After 9/11, they hung flags from their cars and houses, and were 100% behind whatever military action our president suggested. Over the last two weeks, they’ve been the first ones to rush to Costco, hoard as much toilet paper and water as their cart could carry, and then shout down anyone who got in their way or questioned the legitimacy of what the media was telling them.

Questioning the media also takes time and work. It’s much easier now with the internet, but it still requires a time investment. It also requires work in actual thinking. Yes, thinking clearly can be hard work. Look how much easier it is to default to the stupidity of the mob.

It also requires personal responsibility.

George Bernard Shaw said, “Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.” It’s much easier to turn on the boob tube and let others tell you how to think and how to behave than it is to think for yourself and decide on your own actions. A belief in the strength of numbers also comes into play. After all, tens of millions of people all believing the same thing can’t be wrong, can they? History has shown us that almost without exception, yes, they are all wrong.

It’s tough going through life while having both love and disdain for your fellow men and women. Love for their hearts; disdain for their cowardice, stupidity and refusal to think for themselves. Sadly, I don’t see anything changing in the near or far future. That is, if we have any future at all.

Take heart in the message. The China Virus is a hoax as the reaction and response of governments is a crime within itself as it will create an astronomical change that will be used to cover up other huge crimes such as the coming collapse of the money system that has long been predicted by many whom mainstream media won’t go near.

Until next time, this is the commoner known as Shawn, with the family name Cassista, educating everyone about their natural rights — long established in the fight for “Truth, Freedom and Justice” — with which Liberty will reign!

2 thoughts on “Why Are Canadians So Gullible?

  1. Millie Zeiler

    Your article is awesome! It’s just as valid now as it was written back in March. I’m personally appalled my fellow Canadians around me are so clueless about what I plainly see as the obvious. They’re not just clueless about this so-called pandemic, but also about every other matter of importance there is. I continually pray they each open their eyes and stop allowing dictatorship tactics tell them what to do as I know this is the real virus that’s killing (not just) Canada and it won’t stop until everyone has either been killed off or 100% controlled according to the unstable whims of a world that truly is wicked.

    1. Shawn Cassista Post author

      Thanks for the reply, Millie.

      If your Canadian, I would recommend the following 2 websites for directing people to “wake them up” about our history. For Canada’s status as a country without a constitution – – our historic documents have been collected and put on the website. Watch the videos / links on the right side bar to get started. Canada, technically is NOT a country.

      And for the world, Christopher James at is a man possessed and waking up the world to common law and our true path for freedom. Lots of great videos on the site – ones that expose the COVID-19 Lie as well. Just recently saw a video of Tony Robbins, the motivational speaker and life changer, comparing death statistics of 2020 to many years just past – and they are the same with all death statistics like cancer etc etc all dropping while C-19 goes through the roof.

      I also just watched a film called, The Fall of the Cabal which shows us what we are up against – and hope.

      Just keep waking up as many as you can to the Truth.

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