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The Myth That Is Canada

The Myth That Is Canada… like in the film we are working to put together called The Myth Is Canada… Here is some teaser information for those [who care?]. Do you care?… The information provided is documented information on Canada’s history – but actually put together to “understand”.

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The Myth That Is Canada

That’s right Canadians, you’re not actually Canadian – but live the lie if you prefer (most will). You are an Ontarian, an Albertan, British Columbian, Manitoban, etc., etc.. But Canadian? There is no such thing if Canada never existed in the first place.

Do you recall being taught in school about when Canada (the myth) used to be referred to as the Dominion Of Canada? Since December 11th 1931, that changed. Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and all the other “colonies” were no longer colonies – they were now free of Britain. The British North American Act, 1867 was an Act of the British Parliament and was, at that point on (the 1931 date), merely a blueprint for the provinces to move forward. While all the other colonies went their own way, Canada hung on to those ties with lies.

Why? Well, what was the difference between the other colonies and Canada? The answer is: Canada had a Federal Government while the others didn’t. And with the Statute of Westminster, 1931 that Federal Government would no longer lawfully stay intact. But the lie started because it (or they, if you want) would not let itself dissolve – it had power and a lot of money that was coming into the pockets of these federal employees.

Here is a little history that deserves some due diligence and research – unless of course, you prefer to live the life of lies and the fateful consequences it has had and continues to have upon the people of the sovereign provinces of Canada – sorry, let’s get it straight, the myth that is Canada

Russel Rogers Smith (an unknown in Canadian history) was a mechanical engineer and, by hobby, was a student of international and constitutional law. He drafted the Resolution that Priminister Mackenzie King presented at the 1926 Imperial Conference. What then followed was the Statute of Westminster, 1931 that officially severed the cord between the Dominion of Canada and Great Britain.

The BIG lie that has continued since then is that the two were still linked up until 1982. That was when Pierre Elliot Trudeau further entrenched the people of the provinces and territories into this lie when he went to a foreign power to expand on the lie by requesting the Queen to patriate Canada’s “non-existing” constitution (with the Canada Act 1982).

Russel Rogers Smith  wrote a handful of books (including the must read Ho Canada) in the late stages of his life and even caught the eye of some politicians, most notably Walter Kuhl who (after political life) in 1976 informed newly elected Quebec Premier Rene Levesque who was a separatist that, “Quebec is already completely constitutionally separated from the rest of Canada” – like all the provinces are. He went on to state that, “How can you be divorced when there has never been a marriage?” Why didn’t Rene Levesque announce all this to Quebecers? Uh..hmm… Didn’t I say something about money and power a second ago???

An individual we interviewed recently, actually got together with Mr. Kuhl to try and expose this to the Quebec government. Hear his story from the ThatChannel interview.

Canadians… bred to believe in lies.

Now let’s talk a minute about the lawless authority that we have and that you are probably completely unaware of. Before 1931, the provincial and federal courts recognized the people’s common law rights. Like the ones I used: to defend my right to own a vehicle and use the roads to travel on with it. These are very basic unalienable rights and by definition: rights that cannot be sold or transferred. Many of these rights go back to Magna Carta and the 12th century because they belong to every human being – “naturally”.

If you do your own digging, you will find a ton of stories of police brutality with officers getting off scott free, as well as malicious prosecutions by attorney generals at all levels of government. It’s out of control with little fan fair from the mainstream media – specifically the CBC.

I even have my own story here on this website of how I was treated in court by the judges when defending my common law right to use the road. Then I was assaulted by an officer who then charged me with assault with resisting arrest after he couldn’t make an impaired charge stick – then completely falsified a report making a total bullshit story up. The prosecutors, knowing who I am (defender of my liberties), went full throttle after me. [Your tax dollars at works folks.] Luckily I got a “good” judge and was acquitted.

I think you get the picture.

I just left you with some information. It may not sink in right away, but with an open mind and your own due diligence, “the lights will come on”. The facts are there. And we even made it easy for you by compiling all the information and organizing it for you… Visit the The Myth Is Canada website for more information.

So what’s it gonna be folks? Truth or lies?

Until next time, this is the commoner known as Shawn, with the family name Cassista, educating everyone about their natural rights — long established in the fight for “Truth, Freedom and Justice” — with which Liberty will reign!

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  1. Diane Fsrwuhar

    How did the statute of Westminster sever the cord between England and Canada . If it was severed , are you saying that Trudeau in 1982 had no right to get an outside country (England and the Queen Elizabeth. To sign the confederation papers . Therefore it was never legal?

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