The Unjust Justice System

Unalienable Rights or Tyranny?

Unalienable Rights are those rights that our Creator (in Law) gave you. By definition, they are those rights that cannot be sold or transferred without your consent — they cannot be taken from you. Do these rights actually exist? Absolutely! Are they being taken from you? Yes, they are — through deceptive and manipulative measures! If they were blatantly being taken from you it would be outright tyranny, but what’s the difference from that perspective?

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Unalienable Rights or Tyranny?…

How can we be losing rights that government can’t take from us? First of all, they are keeping what should be common knowledge among the masses, from the masses. Governments have been deceiving us for a very long time as this knowledge should be mandatory in our education system, and it isn’t.

Historic documents in both Canada and the USA that protect our liberties state so — they just aren’t clear on what those rights are. That’s why it is imperative that studying the roots of our freedoms — our Common Law heritage — be part of everyday education.

Entitlement of these Unalienable Rights is The Law and if we all had this knowledge — and the PASSION that should come with it — politicians would never get away with passing the thousands of statutory laws that infringe on these rights (a.k.a Common Law Rights or Natural Rights). [They (statutes) technically don’t infringe on these rights, it is, as I said, done via manipulation and deception (among other things). See the post The Jurisdiction of Acts.] Your (corporate) government’s agenda is tyranny — corporate rule (fascism) is the end goal! With the masses not knowing of their unalienable rights and the process of protecting and preserving them, that goal is achievable.

Quite simply put, our so-called Public Servants (of the political kind) and the corporate elite (who back them) don’t want to be taking orders from you — The People — they want to be giving them to you. They want to be the controllers, and they do so with tactics that have been used before: with fear mongering and propaganda. On the other side of the coin, their worst fear is the masses figuring this out!

“When the people are afraid of the government, that’s tyranny.
But when the government is afraid of the people, that’s liberty.”
~ Thomas Jefferson ~

And if you just woke up and realized that you have been endowed with these unalienable rights, you can declare that you are reclaiming them (because somewhere somehow you probably consented to giving some or all of them away), but that will mark you as a black sheep and those wolves (the deceivers) will now have their evil eyes set upon you. Does that scare you? Will that keep you a good little sheep (slave) or will that light the fire of passion under your ass? Without the knowledge of these rights, there is no passion — there is only the status quo.

If your new to this information and maybe even confused about it, that shouldn’t be surprising. I say this because we should be living in a world (at least in Common Law countries) where Public Servants, such as police officers, know your rights and act in your best interests and even inform you of them while engaging in conversation with you, but it is actually quite the opposite. You have to watch everything you say to them or they will use it against you. You can say nothing to them and refuse to answer any questions — as it is your right — but that just puts you in a bad light in their eyes and may even create an unfortunate event (it has happened to me more than once). We can debate everything I just said in this paragraph, but how far is too far is what I’m getting at and what kind of world would we live in if these “peace officers” [that’s what they actually are] recognized and respected your rights?

This is all about control, or power if you will — power over you. And you need to learn from history in regards to where a powerful few can lead a people — look only as far back as Nazi Germany where a great many people were brainwashed into doing some pretty horrifying things to their fellow man. We’ve moved forward from that time, but are now going backwards again.

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
~ Lord Acton ~

So people need to ask themselves, “When is enough, enough?” (Are they actually seeing what is going on?) People need to rise up and speak — and do so in numbers — or at the very least support the individuals or groups that are standing up against these monsters on their behalf. If not for themselves, then for their children — and all the children in general, because what kind of future are we going to leave for them?

The way I see it, with technology advancing the way it is today, one of two scenarios will unfold. 1) We are going to have a very prosperous future where we learn to act responsibly as men and women of principles following the laws of nature — ushering in an era of Equality — and dealing logically with major issues facing the human race such as: the monetary system; famine; the medical mafia; war; corporate control; and global population growth and pollution, which is killing us and mother Earth. We need to go this route or, 2) we are going to have the greedy controlling elite (the few) choosing who lives and who dies while controlling all of Earth’s resources and living like the evil emperors they desire to be. (If you haven’t seen The Corporation and Inside Job yet to get a good perspective on the power and destruction these elite few are capable of, you need to take the time to do so.)

Resisting tyranny is obeying God | Common Law | The Unjust Justice System

Resist Tyranny

I have gone into our courts with a perception that we are heading down a path that the forefathers of freedom and liberty warned us about. The documentation — The Law — that I have provided to our courts should have been enough for any “honorable” judge to dismiss all the charges I was accused of (no breach of the peace and the defense of my unalienable rights). The arguments that I presented before the courts were ignored in this part of the world. The information and facts that these arguments brought to their attention were valid as they were heavily supported by case law and the Common Law principles that represent the foundation for all our laws — The Rule of Law!

The response I got from these judges and prosecutors was a complete dodge (to say the least). In other words, I sought the truth via due process: do you (the courts) recognize that I have (non-transferable) unalienable rights and if not, say it clearly and unequivocally on the record for all to see — so that I [we] know what country I [we] live in; one of liberty or one of slavery. “All men are free men or slaves” Omnes Homines Aut Liberi Sunt Aut Servi — you are either free or you are a slave, there is no in between! This is a long established principle in law — it is an indisputable truth!

From the court’s perspective, it would be better to dodge the question (at this time) rather than be direct, as the opposite would have serious ramifications regardless of the answer/ decision. Laws would be abolished if the courts were competent and honorable or there would be an uprising if it was made clear (to an educated populace) that our unalienable rights no longer exist.

So let’s look at some of the law that was used to dictate the direction the courts should have taken in making its decision…

In one of my arguments regarding free use of the roads, I provided a law definition to these judges that prove we have certain rights that cannot be taken away from us:

UNALIENABLE: The state of a thing or right which cannot be sold. 2. Things which are not in commerce, as public roads, are in their nature unalienable. Some things are unalienable, in consequence of particular provisions in the law forbidding their sale or transfer, as pensions granted by the government. The natural rights of life and liberty are unalienable. (Bouvier’s Law Dictionary 1856 Edition — which is considered a Common Law dictionary because it is loaded with Maxims of Common Law.)

[Emphasis added.]

There is no evidence anywhere that counters the above definition as every law dictionary on the planet should reflect the same meaning and it should be universally accepted by every man (man means woman too) on the planet as a self-evident truth. In other words, it is indisputable! [Think of the time and resources saved if this were the case — if we were all aware of these self-evident truths in law that represent the foundation of our freedoms.]

And I also provided case law where a judge makes it very clear of this standing:

In R v. Sung Chong (1909), 14 B.C.R 275 (C.A.) 1909 1900-09 Judge Irving declared what had to have been self-evident truths back in the day, that:

“Among the normal rights which are available to every British subject against all the world are (1) personal safety and freedom; (2) one’s good name; (3) the enjoyment of the advantages ordinarily open to all the inhabitants of the country, e.g., the unmolested pursuit of one’s trade or occupation and free use of the highways; (4) freedom from malicious vexation by legal process; and (5) to one’s own property.”

and he followed that up with,

“Where a restraint is sought to be put upon any person in respect of the exercise of any of those natural rights, I think it is the duty of the Court to assume that the legislature did not intend to interfere with them, unless clear and unequivocal words have been used.”

[Emphasis added.]

That’s pretty straight forward English for the non scholar to understand don’t you think? Apparently numerous judges, justices of the peace and prosecutors didn’t understand it (or stand [up] for it) when I brought this and much more into the courts in the swordless fight to protect and preserve my unalienable right to use the roads unmolested. What does that tell you? [Really!, you have to ask yourself this question and do your own due diligence and get the answer.] What course of action do we take next when our “dishonorable” Public Servants disobey the law, essentially leading us down a dangerous path — the one that our forefathers warned us about?

“We have four boxes in which to defend our freedom:
the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box and the cartridge box.”
~ Rep. Larry MacDonald ~

“America is a land which fought for freedom and then began passing laws to get rid of it.”
~ Unknown ~

“Those who expect to reap the blessing of freedom must, like men,
undergo the fatigue of supporting it.”
~ Thomas Paine ~

As I have stated, we are heading down a very dangerous path that will eventually be the undoing of our liberties. It’s bad enough already with mounting evidence of police brutality with no accountability for these dirty cops. People are getting killed in the streets — literally shot in the back and/or are unarmed in many cases — by those who are supposed to be serving and protecting us. A lot has been caught on cam, but can you image the amount of things they are getting away with where there is no video evidence? It’s not supposed to be this way folks — this is unacceptable! It’s hard to feel much sympathy for a fallen police (peace) officer these days. Am I going to get grilled for saying that? Honestly, whose fault is that? Who brought that lack of remorse on? I know they are not all bad, but there are many (I believe) that are making them all look bad.

The case law above speaks of freedom from malicious vexation by legal process” and yet my local police force did just the opposite to me as a police officer completely fabricated a police report and then re-enforced it by telling the same B.S. story under-oath-in-court without any worries of being prosecuted for perjury. He is following this path with no worries whatsoever of being punished because the system does little or nothing to rectify it — like firing his ass or giving him jail time as this is, in my opinion, a serious crime perpetrated on a citizen by a trusted oath taker. The usual punishment is temporary paid leave if there is a lot of evidence against him/her — a holiday!! What I found disturbing in my case was watching the officer hold the Bible in his hand firmly and swearing an oath to God to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth — and then spoke nothing but lies.

“The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.”
~ John F. Kennedy ~

How are we going to deal with this? I believe the first thing that needs to be done is educate The People of the Common Law heritage (The Rule of Law that founded Liberty) that is theirs and that we have to get back to. And educate them about the history of how governments have always worked to deceive their people into tyrannical situations and make the comparisons. A good place to start is with Naomi Wolf’s End of America.

Defend your rights | Common Law | The Unjust Justice System

Do The People who believe in their unalienable right to certain liberties want violence? Of course not! The people who are the architects of this dangerous path sure as hell aren’t going to be on the front lines when all hell breaks loose. No, it’s going to be the brutes in uniform with low IQs that are on the front lines — the pawns; the expendables. It’s the way it has always been folks.

And if/when the Nuremberg Trials Part 2 comes to pass; we will have asked these cops and soldiers about the Nuremberg Principle. Like… “What is it?” And their answer will be… “I don’t know.” I’m telling you this is a fact as I have already asked a cop — in court, on the stand — this very question and that’s the answer he gave me. This is bad news folks!

[The Nuremberg Principle was made international law after all the Nazis (that committed atrocities during WWII) testified that they were “just following orders” (at the Nuremberg Trials). The Nuremberg Principle is, “Following orders is no excuse.” In other words, we are going to see history repeat itself once again because these idiots* with guns*, badges* and egos* don’t know their history* and their Common Law heritage* (all the * equals a very bad combination).]

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
~ John F. Kennedy ~

Wake up people — know your rights!

Wake up Public Servants — learn your history and The Law and do your duty!

What’s it going to be people, Unalienable Rights or Tyranny?


Until next time, this is the commoner known as Shawn, with the family name Cassista, educating everyone about their natural rights — long established in the fight for “Truth, Freedom and Justice” — with which Liberty will reign!

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