The Unjust Justice System

The Myth Is Canada

The documentary film The Myth is Canada by Nephalem Films will be educational, ground-breaking, and massively enlightening for The People of Canada. Many people around the world are sensing and discovering governments are not what they project. Canada, with its own story, is no different…

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The Myth is Canada will demonstrate the truth of Canada, and more importantly, the solution of how Canada can work for us, The People of Canada – legally, lawfully, peacefully – leaving no wiggle room for lies or games!

NEWS: Myself and some friends / associates have formed a film production company called Nephalem Films. Our first project will be an absolute eye opener for Canadians (and the world actually as it will show people just how the political system we believe to be working in and for our benefit, is not – and as a consequence, just how untrustworthy our political leaders are). 


If you are the slightest bit curious, intrigued by the potential of this documentary film, The Myth is Canada…  we invite you to DONATE to the making of this historic documentary film!

You may do so via Doing so WILL make you a part of history!

The documentary film The Myth Is Canada will expose the following, with evidence:

  • How our existing Canadian political system (regardless of the party in power) enables lies, cheats and theft upon Canadians, often with full immunity when they get caught (ever wonder why they never go to jail when it “appears” they have committed a crime? Well now you will find out how!).
  • Evidence supporting how the Canadian political system came to be, yes evidence, not hearsay!
  • How Canada actually never federated and what she is now is a floating ship at sea with a de facto (unlawfully established) government at the helm.
  • The vast list of real consequences to us, The People of Canada, as a result.
  • A SOLUTION, so simple, that delivers Canada “rightfully” to The People of Canada!

Yes, the above and more will be demonstrated – in depth – along with Canada’s timeline of how it came to be – from before its existence – to its current state. Parts of this film will shock you!!

You can visit the following links at the Nephalem Films web site for already established content that has been provided by us. The Synopsis for the film is here: And a complete historical compilation of data is here:

  • You will hear personal stories from people who have suffered great losses because of the crimes our political leaders have committed with the system they have perpetuated.
  • And we will have much much more to offer in this film production as far as education is concerned.

Think about this… recently, here in Ontario, the local news media was reporting to Ontarians a story that showed how our Toronto transit system was heavily over crowded. In a different story (again, recent) the media exposed how our hospitals are being over crowded and the long waiting list for operations. And again, just 4 days ago (as of writing this), the CBC is telling us the federal government is going to bring 1 million immigrants into this country over the next 3 years (if you ask me, this is an invasion – with our leaders committing treason!). Is this not insane? All this without consulting YOU, The People of Canada. If this doesn’t inspire you to act, what will?

So, are you curious, inspired?

If so, what we need from you, The People of Canada, is to help support this film by making donations and/or (at least) spreading the word to help in making this educational and thought provoking historic documentary film a reality.

You may donate via

You may contribute via our crowdfunding site at Indiegogo where we also have a 3 and half minute video clip (it’s also on the synopsis page above) that is sure to inspire Canadians to act. Visit the link here:

You may personally interact with us via email or via our FaceBook page for your personal interaction with some of our crew and visitors:

We invite you to participate in changing Canada into what Canadians want it to be: a true free society where our long established principles of law represent her foundation of laws and where our politicians — our servants — are held accountable for their actions.

How else are we going to get elected people to represent our best interests if there are no consequences to their actions and/or the actual threat of jail time isn’t a reality? Learn more from the above links.

This information needs to be compiled and presented properly for people to understand the truth about what has gone on in Canada and what continues to go on in this country. Check out the video clip to get a feel of where we will be coming from with these facts. Answer the Call To Action!!

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
~ Edmund Burke

Until next time, this is the commoner known as Shawn, with the family name Cassista, educating everyone about their natural rights — long established in the fight for “Truth, Freedom and Justice” — with which Liberty will reign!

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